Teacher of Philology of Moscow state University Sergey Knyazev said about his dismissal. According to “Medusa”, this happened on the background of the beginning of a public campaign against harassment of University teachers in relation to students.

In Facebook, the Prince wrote the following:

“I want to say that the relationship with the students I had. I always thought that they were voluntary. I deliberately never used his official position for any purpose, in particular, did not use it to enforce anything. The story of the rating — not true. While I understand that some my statements could be interpreted the way they are now interpreted, although not contain this meaning.”

Student edition DOXA published on may 8 an article which mentioned the harassment of teachers of Philology of Moscow state University against the students. In the example cited a few stories involving nine teachers. In particular, they talked about episodes when some of the students allegedly refused to grade. The names of the teachers voiced was not mentioned Kniazev.

A few days after the publication of the material, the students demanded in an open letter to create a legal mechanism to combat harassment on the part of teachers. “Unfortunately, a situation that drew the attention of the publication was no surprise to faculty involved in the people’s: for many years the jokes and rumors about the same teachers, initiating an intimate relationship with a student, apply to faculty, spoken in the skits, where there is including the management of departments and faculty, but so far nobody has paid due attention to this information. We believe that more can not close eyes on such,” said the authors.

Day may 14, acting Dean of the faculty Andrey Lipgart said that the Philology of Moscow state University, sees no reason for service checks after reports of abuse by teachers. His words leads TASS: “we Have these facts not. The evidence in these publications is not presented, the names are not given. We cannot substitute for law enforcement. If it is harassment, then that’s a serious charge is recorded in the legislation of the Russian Federation”.