Subscribers stars without hesitation made a joke about his past statements

Joseph Prigozhin recently had an altercation with the singer Sergei Shnurov due to the fact that he complained about the plight of artists during the quarantine. Many subscribers did not understand the statements of the star and accused him that he complains about insignificant problems in sravnenii with people who earn ten times less or participate in the fight against the virus, risking their health. Although Valeria with her husband the whole quarantine adhered to a regime of isolation, the gradual removal of restrictions ordered them back to work.

Publish from iosif prigozhin (@prigozhin_iosif) 18 Jun 2020 11:34 PDT

In response to caustic comments, Joseph said that his wife had to fly for a holiday on the occasion of the Day of the doctor in Saint-Petersburg. Although many remembered him messages about buying houses at a cost of 55 million dollars, which Valeria has denied himself, the family reacted with anger at the insulting comments.