The chief cardiologist of Russia Leo Bokeria drew attention to several important points that need to be followed when you exit the isolation. First the doctor urged everyone to wear masks.

He justified his request by the fact that this measure is recommended by people who “detail” know the behavior of infections.

"And I appeal to you with a big request: we are so little in this vast territory. Let us be careful in relation to itself and thereby saving the lives of other people. Well put this mask", — quotes the words of academician REN TV.

Bokeria added that the call to wear a mask due to the interests of the people themselves. And if all consider themselves virologists, the best will take time and all 146 million people wear masks, the doctor added. Bokeria explained that the question in this case is not about anything more. But wearing the mask is necessary so that they truly protect the man and his companion.

Another important recommendation of the doctor was the wish to avoid increasing the burden immediately after release from quarantine, even if it was a usual thing before the pandemic.

Earlier reported that nine regions of Russia have already moved on to the second phase of lifting the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.