Musician Vladimir Presnyakov told, once made a joke about his father having bought him a rubber sex doll. According to him, Presnyakov-senior perceived “gift” is ambiguous.

During a tour in the United States Presnyakov bought in a sex shop rubber woman, and then waited until the father goes to bed, snuck into his room and put the doll on the bed. The next day he was waiting for his reaction, preparing for the fact that his father scolded. But he, however, said nothing.

“the Guys told me that he just silently blew it away, turned, put in a suitcase. And you didn’t tell me. Apparently, I liked it,” he told Presnyakov in an interview with “Arguments and facts”.

According to the musician, he offered his mother a few years ago to make a “hot” surprise daddy on birthday – to order a stripper. But she didn’t think much of, telling him that he was “crazy”.

“all our life We’ll pin each other,” said Presnyakov Jr.

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