29-year-old Nyusha became the heroine of the new issue YouTube show of Irina Shikhman “And talk?”. In conversation with the lead singer for the first time revealed the reasons for the separation of Egor Creed and told how several years after this difficult breakup decided to duet with him. Told Jane the story of meeting her husband Igor Sivov and shared details of their relationship in marriage. SPLETNIK.RU collected the most interesting quotes from this interview.

the guilt of the father, in parting with Egor Creed

My opinion about this situation is that Greg certainly had some complexes due to the fact that he was still a little earned, was not successful and was not confident. And at that time he thought the cause of it. I blamed him more and more he blamed my dad. It is his opinion, and I think that everyone has their own truth. And so maybe all my life.

I, frankly, don’t care how his dad treats my young people. Maybe he now has a claim to my husband, but that’s his business. Maybe I’m somewhere and I notice it. But this is my family and my life, and he has his own family and life. There he can say that he doesn’t like and to change something. If he doesn’t like something, then let it live because I’m happy here and I’m fine.

About reconciliation with Creed and the collaborative Duo
I’ve been avoiding this story, I treated Greg differently because I was in the position of the victim. I thought this is all wrong and all his fault. And I realized that resenting the person, you resent yourself, and thinking ill of him, do you think so about yourself. Just over time I realized that the grateful to this person for all. He has the right to say what he says. It’s his life. And when, after analyzing all this, I really was internally thanking this man, lined up a completely different story, and generally had a duet.

It was an accident. I asked on instagram, who would my audience like to see my new Duo. It was not so long ago: I after delivery, is back here the new music world, a lot of new artists. I actually saw different performers and asked the audience a question. I didn’t really expect to be a flurry of comments about Yegor. And I got a text from Yegor: he sent me a clear screenshot. And I said: “Maybe”. And I thought it was a very cool idea, so still anybody and never did. No songs, which is dedicated to former ex, and in fact the former�� is almost all.

many people May believe that it is a HYIP and strange thing. I see this as an important message for people that you can live differently. Nyusha

About the relation of husband to her duet with ex-lover Creed

of Course, I’m talking to him on the subject. If you treat it as “a former young man and is a threat”, then this one. And if you accept that it’s just the former and you decide with him the story in a positive way and how artists produce songs, it’s a completely different model. And when I explained why I actually want to do it, he very much supported me and said it was cool and I great. br>
with him I had spoken on this subject more than once. Because when we started with Igor to meet, he already caught influx of the background. When we split up with Egor, and he said this. It was unpleasant to me, and Igor was there, so it is also referred to. It looked that the woman he loved hurt. He wanted me to stand up. br>
there was a time when he wanted on this subject to speak. I remember he at some point entered into correspondence with fans, well, it’s mostly the kids who wrote the messages on this account. It is simply used to solve problems, and when it started to arise in his field, on his page, he considered that all adults, we can talk to them, explain everything. Well, after some time he realized that it was useless and that he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

About the acquaintance with her husband Igor Sivov

I came to the concert, and he was among the organizers of this event. It was youth Day in Kazan. In the morning I arrived, and the evening was to speak. And during the day I was invited from town for lunch. And that’s where we met in person. Before that, he lived in Kazan, and after a year or so for me have moved to Moscow. But he did changed his life for me changed town, jobs. br>
At the time of our meeting Igor was married. When I found out this was a problem for me. Then, of course, was another technical issue: his ex-wife didn’t give divorce and we just had to wait. No woman wants to meet a married man and, God forbid, break someone’s family. For me and my girlfriends, it was taboo. But often that’s what happens when you do something you really don’t want, it comes into your life. And now I realize that this one comes to you worked its attitude, because that’s what happens.

Igor Sivov daughter Simba

When I met with Igor, I wouldlo the feeling that I met some incredibly of a loved one. I just have known him somehow, I’m so easy to communicate with him. It’s not as many people talk about feeling butterflies in the stomach, and for me, as if time stopped, and I realized how this man is special to me. I did not take down the roof. Just had an understanding that I found something. But, of course, from the first meeting I was not sure it once and for all. There was so much pressure around. In General, I can say that I practically no support at the moment. And I just had an inner feeling that I am doing the right thing.

Irina Shikhman and Nyusha

relationship with husband

He is older than me by 10 years, but we have no such a that he home, and I listen to him. We have equal rights — this is direct was fat fad. I’m naturally a feminist, even before ardent. Therefore, it is important to me equality in the partnership. It is important that my opinion was considered. For me, this force — when two people complement each other, not one controlling the other. And, in my opinion, this is a manifestation of love: when one person tries to change another. In this manifestation of unconditional love.