Actor Mikhail Yefremov, who made a fatal accident in Central Moscow, from a conviction will not save the excuses. This opinion was expressed by television presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozner.

“there is No doubt that he was guilty, that he was absolutely drunk at the wheel that he was at fault in this accident and the death of man” — quoted by Posner, the Nation News Agency.

The presenter recalled that after the accident the actor was immediately admitted his guilt and offered money to pay for treatment of the injured. The journalist expressed confidence that the statement of Ephraim that he remembers nothing, will save him from his sentence.

June 8, Mikhail Efremov was involved in an accident in Central Moscow. While intoxicated he drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into another car. The driver Sergey Zakharov later died in the hospital, resembles a “national news service”. At the hearing it was submitted the materials of the case against Ephraim, which States that after the deadly accident in the blood actor found traces of marijuana and cocaine, reports channel 360.