Russian porn actress Lyubov Bushueva does not want to rest in the Crimea, because they relax many of her Ukrainian colleagues. This she said “”.

Bushueva, as reported by “the Rambler”, better known under the creative pseudonym Lola Taylor. She became famous in March when he announced willingness to have sex with a scientist who creates a vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19, and was ridiculed for it by the journalist Ivan Urgant.

“it’s a Shame when you saved all of humanity, and then died of a commonplace herpes” — he joked during his show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel.

Today, Bushuyeva said she didn’t want to rest in the Crimea, and explained this by the fact that the resorts want to be most beautiful, and in the Crimea, rest a lot of porn actress from Ukraine, with which it will have to compete.

“Rest in Gelendzhik. Here is all as it should. And cheaper than in the Crimea, by the way,” she added, noting that the double room was worth it 10.8 thousand rubles for a day, and her vacation will last only four days, as she had a lot of work after the easing of the isolation regime in Moscow.