Until 2019 the station was called the Lublin, but due to its location, it was decided to rename. Now often heard proposals for the return of the old name.

In the project “Active citizen” has started the vote, dedicated to the renaming of the Kuban railway station in Lublin. The decision to change names will be taken based on the views of “active citizens”.

The main task of the Moscow Central diameters (IDC) is to fully integrate commuter rail into the transport infrastructure of the city. For this single standard are reduced maintenance, passenger services and ticketing system. Metro stations, Moscow Central ring and the IDC, which are included in one hub, traditionally assigned to one name. This is necessary to facilitate navigation system and convenience of passengers. So was renamed the cross-country station, Tushinskaya, Tsaritsyno.

However, the metro station “Lyublino” and the eponymous station of the Kursk direction of the Moscow railroad are located quite far from each other, although located in the same district — at a distance of two kilometres (20 minutes walk). They cannot be considered as a transport interchange node. Therefore, to avoid confusion, in 2019, the railway station was renamed Kuban. The name chosen is associated with the same street adjacent to the railroad tracks.

Lately there are proposals to rename the Kuban back in Lyublino, which can lead to confusion because of the two same names to stations not within the boundaries of a single transport node.

To resolve this situation there will be an election where residents will be able to Express their point of view on the issue.

The project “Active citizen” was launched in 2014. During this time he was joined by more than 3.6 million people. Participants select streets and households that need to improve, vote for events for festivals and celebrations and offer their own ideas for the development of the city. Since the beginning of the project Muscovites took part in 4.6 thousand votes.