Two and a half months is sufficient time to prepare to fight the infection and we unlike other countries have spent it not in vain, – said the head of Rospotrebnadzor. Almost everywhere it worked, our doctors did not have to stand in front of a terrible moral choice – one of the patients put under a ventilator, and who leave without the necessary help.

when Assessing the high rate of mobilization of the health system of the country, Anna Popova primarily refers to high-level management decisions. Competently operate the government, operational staff.

in Almost direct control of the whole situation took on the President of the Russian Federation. It is important that the regions are given the opportunity for an independent to make decisions quickly. And thanks to a carefully constructed strategy, we can now more confidently predict the development of the epidemic.

Moreover, the predictions come true, the spread of the epidemic is on the decline. New infections have less than people, recovering after complete recovery.

“unfortunately, there are lost lives, said the chief sanitary doctor of the country. – But I can be satisfied that we have managed to keep mortality at a low level. Mortality is still the main criterion of how effectively we all resist the virus. In relation to the total number of patients loss to Russia in the 1 percent.”

“And now there is a trend that allows soon to expect positive changes, said in an interview with Anna Popova. – We already know how to defend, we already know what measures to take to avoid the disease, not to infect anyone. And of course, you need a little more time to cure from this disease, this virus, the so-called specific, and of course, that there was a vaccine. We are all really excited, and I’m pretty sure it will happen soon enough…”.

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