While maintaining the temperature for several days for help are going to turn 35% of respondents.

MOSCOW, may 5. /TASS/. More than half of Russians (55%) in case of symptoms resembling infection with coronavirus, ready to go to the doctor, but 7% will be to wait for a serious deterioration of health, according to a survey of the sociological Crisis center.

At present, only one in ten thinks that the spread of the virus could end in may (compared to almost a third in early April) — waiting moved to the first month of summer. Mode isolation feel justified 47% vs. 62% in early April.

At the same time, most located on the isolation people are not ready to visit places of a congestion of people. Thus, almost one fifth in case of cancellation in the near future, mode of isolation would still something time not to leave home without having. With more than 40% are willing to walk in nerudnykh areas. To work agree 44%. Only 17% think it is possible to go to crowded place, 8% for a mass event.

a Symptom of the security situation for 43% is the reduction of incidence to a minimum.

11% of respondents are willing to be in a public place only after the test that will show immunity to the virus, and 8% — only after vaccination against coronavirus.

As the Director General said DSP “Platform” Mariya Makusheva, for most of the feature of security is to reduce the morbidity to a minimum, therefore, while it is not reached, constraints are justified.

“However, this “minimum” can be a area of contradictions and development of tension. What will be the quality of the dialogue in a period when “low” has come in the eyes of some, tired of the isolation, but has not yet come for those who make the decisions? During this period, people especially important to see a planning horizon of power, to understand the logic of decisions, to hear what is happening with morbidity, not only from officials but also from doctors,” she added.

the sample size is 1 thousand of respondents. Data represent the online-audience aged 18 years or older in cities with a population over 100 thousand people according to sex, age, the Federal district and the size of the settlement. Data collection was conducted on April 24.

Sociological crisis center opened in April 2020 on the initiative of the research company OMI (Online Market Intelligence), specializing in Internet research with its own online panel of the respondents in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus with population more than 1 million people, and the Center for social design Platform that specializes in consulting and projects in the area��ti public and corporate processes. The goal is a deeper understanding of the social changes that occur including in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.