Federal lands, which are the production capacity of the automakers, lower Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-württemberg want to boost the weak demand with premiums for the purchase of cars. In this regard, manufacturers are hoping for help from the state.

Merkel made it clear that no decision on the special incentives for the industry should not be expected. At the same time, the Chancellor stressed that the opinion of manufacturers “very important” when discussing the economic stimulus packages that are being discussed in the government.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz rejected a quick decision on state aid to the automotive industry.

“the agenda today is not discussed. A comprehensive programme for the recovery of the economy should be ready in late may, early June. This also applies to groups who are concerned about their existence”, – the Minister noted.

Scholz also said that “I do not understand many of the proposals” automakers. First of all, we are talking about state aid for the provision of bonuses for the purchase of vehicles and payment of dividends.

“to put It mildly,” not the best idea”, – said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier, the European automakers had already been discussed with Chancellor Angela Merkel the situation with the stop of the conveyors due to the pandemic. Established a working group with participation of experts of the Robert Koch Institute to search for an early solution to the crisis.

as a result, at the end of April after five weeks of inactivity, has resumed production at Volkswagen plants in Wolfsburg, Hanover and Emden. The administration has developed a list of rules, including one hundred items on the security staff. So, the territory marked by the arrows, so that people in the movement do not overlap conveyor to prevent contact of workers launched at half power, also introduced a mandatory rule of wearing protective masks and observance of social distance.