the Russian singer Polina Gagarina said in an interview with YouTube channel “And talk?”, how she managed to lose 30 lbs. she weighed 80 kg and strongly from complexes because of this. Now she looks very slim due to the systematic use of 5 deliveries.

the First product is water, clean and without gas. The singer uses it before each meal. It helps to dull the feeling of hunger. Also she uses vegetable salad, brown rice, and seafood. They combined provide the necessary carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. And the fifth product is apples, which you can arrange fasting days.

Publish from Polina Gagarina ?? (@gagara1987) 9 Jul 2020 6:52 PDT

Now Gagarina 33 years, and in 20 years, she strongly recovered after giving birth to her son. So she had a need to diet. In the morning she tries to eat cereal, all the portions of her small. The fridge had to remove all sweet and caloric. Also, the food had to eliminate all fat, various sausages and semi-finished products. Gagarin not to eat potatoes, and vegetables prefer fresh or steamed. In the menu it are whole grains and lots of greenery. It is important that the diet was enough fiber.

Gagarin notes that she also works out a lot – one only the diet difficult to lose weight. So she spends some time at the gym, Jogging and yoga.

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