it is Assumed that the first focus will be on the rights of citizens in sphere of health protection. In particular, the availability of medical services and facilities for people with disabilities. Also moderanization check on how it adheres to standards in the delivery of medical care, established rules in the conduct of examinations, medical examination, medical examinations and medosvidetelstvovanie: are the amounts, terms and conditions for the provision of medical care.

Checks can be scheduled and unscheduled, documentary and field. For example, if the result of the work of a medical institution is caused or causes harm to the life or health of citizens, the pre-review notification is not required. But if it is scheduled, the organization need to notify not later than three working days prior to the event. Checks will be able to attract accredited scientific organizations, as well as experts, if they are not working in the audited institutions. Inspections can be no more than once per year, and all events of the control should be included in the work plans of the authorities.

If the document is adopted, the new rules from January 1, 2021.