Everything is simple and compelling: sitting in the car and through the windshield you see on stage my favorite band The Hatters. Hear every note with all low and high frequencies and in radio, and through the open door. Before you is a huge stage with screens at the edges, the girls carry the food and drinks… Oh, the scene began to play “the Dance” -and you, too, jump out of the car to dance. Social distance has not been canceled: to the neighboring car is not less than 2 meters – and some of them also dance. The song is ended – through the window “stoked” hand horn or blink lights. This is instead of applause and whistling.

– People honked, as if we were standing in a huge voluntary traffic,- says Yuri muzichenko, the lead singer of the Hatters, with a show which 4 began on July Live concerts&Drive in “Luzhniki”.

In fact, it was the first live concert in front of the audience since March 14. And everything was properly thought out: social distance, security measures, service… And the show was not elitist – to get on it, it wasn’t necessary to have a car – the car can sit 4 people. And audiophiles looking for friends who have a car. One car costs 10 thousand rubles. 2,5 thousand on the brother isn’t more expensive than the stadium concerts, which is prohibited.

the same day, July 4th, a similar concert took place in the suburbs – Drive&Live in the Park “Yakhroma”. There were singing her songs.

At the entrance to Yakhroma car braked “horseless” audiophiles, asked to hide. And in Yakhroma vigilant guard removed the rabbits from the trunk and from under the seats, and they listened to the concert from behind the fence. Some climbed trees until they are removed from there. And I thought: that would be their energy – Yes in the peace purposes.

in Fact there are in Russia, USA, Europe bike-the festivals which are held rock concerts, and competitions for agility, the ability of motorcyclists masterly to own your favorite vehicle, even something of type of KVN and competition technicians.

the Most successful bike festivals are held in Suzdal, Taman, Kaluga… But the coolest international bike show in Sevastopol – pyrotechnic and strukovym shows, competitions on a power extreme, master classes on driving, and, of course, cultural program with participation of rock stars. Perhaps Russia should spend and autofestival, with such additional “ingredients”, with competitions on a power extreme, master classes on driving.

– In such festivals certainly has a future, – autoblogger and head of the working group onf “protecting the rights of motorists” Peter Shkumatov. – It should be a festival in a few days, well-designed, with the system arrangement of machinery, food, activities, concerts. And you don’t have screens and sophisticated equipment. Speakers on stage, the FM signal in the car and listen to the music, barbeque, dance, duck with all the comforthe fact from the weather.

the First in Russia to sparkling lacquered sides of the hall came the hip-hop group KREC, who gave a June 21 concert at the drive-in theater “Kinoprocess” in Saint-Petersburg. Occupancy there was only 200 cars to hear the music could only musicians on stage through the monitors, and the audience is just in their radios in the comfort of the machines.

a few days in Pargolovo, Leningrad region, at the festival “White stripe return” to support health care workers fighting COVID-19 (sang Piknik, Chizh & group Vyacheslav Butusov’s “Order of Glory”), the audience is allowed to dance in the machines as in the past this Sunday festival “#Spasiboooo” under Izborsk, where he played local Pskov group, and avtokontsert group КняZz in Selar park in St. Petersburg. Continue the show in “Luzhniki”, where all involved – from the riders of “the spleen” “Night snipers” to Agutin and Basta.

what the joy of autofestival the organizers, “RG” said Eduard Ratnikov, CEO of one of the largest promotional companies T. C. I.(Live&Drive they came up with and carried out together with SAV Entertainment and “Russian show-center”).

is it True that the artists really missed the concerts that didn’t ask for high fees?

Eduard Ratnikov: We have been preparing the project since the beginning of June, and had to negotiate hard, then about the festival, no one knew. But many, indeed, went to meet him. After all, we do it not for money but for our company work, not Tupelo during this period of restrictions and inaction. Need to say thank you and “Luzhniki”, and Vice-mayor of Moscow Alexander Gorbenko, he supported us.

Afraid of you, that people will be uncomfortable to listen to the music of the cars?

Eduard Ratnikov: We do not skimp on the stage, the screens and the service, our Live&Drive is a luxury service, our stage and screen is huge, and the audience sees artist from anywhere in the area. The most difficult thing was different: the people could not understand that these are real concerts where you can see the artist up close. And time to promote almost was not. Usually if tickets are sold for months, we have had only two or three weeks. But we all managed.

July 23 – Narimono Theophanes and Anacondaz;

July 25 – gala concert of “Russian Radio” (Vladimir Presnyakov, Elka, Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Nikolai Baskov, Irina Dubtsova, Degrees, Artik&Asti, “Earthlings”, Marie Krimpery, Monica and others).