the Inhabitant of Samara Andrey Shabanov, who was arrested on case of placing in “the Immortal regiment” picture of Adolf Hitler, explained his actions. A man suspected of rehabilitation of Nazism.

According to Shabanova, the way he wanted to protest “in the spirit of banter” against “paleobase” what happens to the may 9 celebrations last 15 years. According to him, if earlier the Victory Day was a holiday “for the world”, now more “for the war”. With regard to the action of memory “Immortal regiment”, it was appropriate to have just one time, he said.

“But every year, the parade of the zombie Apocalypse. I wanted to make fun of it. Decided against this to sumernet. Didn’t even think about any consequences,” – said Shabanov edition of “Rise”.

He acknowledged his joke is stupid and inappropriate and promised that more so will not do. However, with the allegations of the rehabilitation of Nazism, the man did not agree. He stressed that absolutely do not support the ideas of the Fuhrer.

“I play jazz music, invented by African-Americans, which I am a racist? Laughing?!”, – said Shabanov.

other detainees that are suspected of the same act, Shabanov is not familiar. He said that they absolutely in no way connected and is not “in any cell”.

Recall, for the Day of Victory on a number of sites of the action “Immortal regiment”, which this year because of the epidemic of the coronavirus was held online, began to appear pictures of many Nazi war criminals. Among them were, for example, Fuhrer of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler and reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler.

Later, the investigation Committee opened a criminal case under article about the rehabilitation of Nazism. In the case were arrested four persons resident Perm Daniel Simonov, Samarets Andrey Shabanov, the Volgograd Denis Vorontsov and resident of Ulyanovsk Vyacheslav Kruglov.

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