for anybody not a secret that export product options in Russia are always better than counterparts who go to the domestic market. It doesn’t count, somehow interrupted. As it turns out and import purchases for “internal consumption” (true animal) genetically modified soybeans, which opened “green street”. And which until recently was banned by the decree of Vladimir Putin.

the crux of the issue: on April 16, the government issued a decree which until the end of the year from the state registration of exempt imported on the territory of Russia of genetically modified soybeans and meal. The feed used in animal husbandry.

Actually, even then the document has caused confusion on the part of domestic farmers. 5 or 10 years ago, the country sporadically flared up the discussion about the use of GMO products. And they always won, opponents of such products, which, in their opinion, may be harmful to human health.

moreover, in 2016 Vladimir Putin banned the import to the country and grow on its territory of seeds of the plant whose genetic program is altered using methods of genetic engineering.

Exceptions were allowed only in cases if it passed state registration.

Now the “input control” is cancelled, and the safety of imported feed we ensure a stern but fair test of Rosselkhoznadzor.

Q: what has changed in the last 4 years? When foreign supplies, which can harm the health of Russians, they suddenly became standard feed additives for cows?

Proven by science and tested in practice that they do not carry any risk? Then why are the bodies of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s responsibility to check the goods for security? So dangerous? There is a risk?

how much for domestic livestock need this import?

Today, in the Krasnodar, Stavropol edges, the Rostov region, local residents almost do not keep in the backyard beast. No grazing! All available plots of land large selhozproizvoditeli seeded soybeans and non-GMO, and our, common, traditional.

For the reason that we began to actively export abroad and get currency for it. Own collective Russian “sewekow” to buy a product is not able, guts. And in Europe, the farmers will be richer, for the price, especially when it comes to natural supplements, and not those that are bred in test tubes.

last year in Russia almost wiped out all the bees: they killed entire hives, pollinating nearby soybean field. Agricultural holdings which were carefully treated with chemicals to get more yield and, accordingly, to help him “live dollars.” Beekeepers “called in aircraft�� bells” in vain. “Yellow devil” was stronger and more necessary to the Russian budget than natural healing honey to the public.

Here are the numbers: in 2019, the export of oilseeds crops from Russia, compared with 2018, increased by 30.8 %. Over the last 5 years RUB 285.2 % and over a ten – year period, 695 %, i.e. almost 8 times! And the largest share in this volume comprise the soy beans.

Where the villagers keep their own cattle in the sheds, if the currency of the agricultural holdings is in the hands asks? Let them go to the shops for groceries, now there full of all sorts of grubs.

That is, its organic soybeans for dollars we sell to Western Europe, and from there our cows for food imported GMOs?

Against the rules to simplify import purchases of soybean GMO made four Russian regions: Kaliningrad, Belgorod, Lipetsk and Kursk regions.

But the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation did not support them. According to authorities, eventually all done for the benefit of the Russians. Because the more you consume animal protein feed, the cheaper the cost of production. Hence, in the stores it is cheaper.

Can not save us on the cheap?