Comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan decided to engage in their health for the sake of his beloved Tatyana Brownboy.

The presenter visited a private clinic. There is a massage therapist gave him a few treatments, and also tested the stretching of the stars.

Here, you know, stretching. And this unit, by the way, our idea, — said the showman in storis Instagram.

The employee clinic is easily raised legs of the actor by 90 degrees. Petrosyan even gasped at some moment, but then continued the lesson with the coach.

Then Petrosyan visited the café, where they decided to treat themselves to an alcoholic beverage.

After udaljenosti and Ivanushki want pogonoski, — said Petrosyan.


Publication of Yevgeny Petrosyan (@petrosyanevgeny) 4 Aug 2020 at 8:31 PDT

In early December, 2019 Yevgeny Petrosyan is married for the fifth time. Wife of the humorist was the 30-year-old Tatiana Bruchanov, who worked as his assistant. On the registration of their marriage was told by one comedian. But the couple themselves have given to know about the different hints in social networks. The bride arranged in a personal blog a whole photo shoot dedicated to his new status. Pictures of wedding bouquet of white peonies and wedding rings is the most important place in this series.

In early March Brukhanova and Petrosian vacationing in the United Arab Emirates. In mass media there was information that they had had a child from a surrogate mother. Thus showman himself neither confirmed nor denied the news about the appearance of the heir, told reporters that it is not their business, wrote