Today the actor in court made a statement about the accident.

Efremov said: “How can I admit guilt when I don’t remember anything?”

Musician Yuri Loza told the radio station “Moscow speaking”, that such a statement, the actor may lose the support of the population.

“I think he spoils the attitude. If there was some sympathy, it will be gone after these statements. If someone had tried to protect, I think, after this announcement, people have completely lost even the remnants of a good relationship. They say one thing and then another. Who are you? Here it is, I think, in any case it was impossible to do, if he wants some to his sympathy. You can always show those shooting with cameras, they documented. Also all there. If you do not remember – look, maybe you’ll remember”.

According to him, in Russia, people with a bad reputation is not always perceived negatively.

“Take our folklore. Song of Stenka Razin. The robber, who drowned Princess. And we a song about it term. Negative hero, not always love. It happens, happened – we have a lot of excuses that we can come up with – life is destiny.”

A few months ago, Mikhail Efremov made a video apology after a fatal accident. Then the actor said he will not be lazy and try to avoid punishment.June 8, the actor has left on an oncoming lane of the Garden ring and collided with another car. Killed driver Sergey Zakharov. The Prosecutor’s office stated that the Ephraim in the time of the accident were in an alcohol intoxication.