Big trouble has occurred by the singer Pelageya – because of the trauma of divorce and court proceedings, she lost her voice.

The actress had to undergo treatment, she is now better but there is still a period of rehabilitation.

“the Field, even could not imagine that her husband would behave this way, says phoniatr, doctor of medical Sciences Leo Rudin.— The stress of the divorce made itself felt: she lost her voice. This is a very delicate instrument, its condition can greatly suffer from nervous tension, lack of sleep”, – quotes StarHit words of the attending physician Pelageya.

The situation with the divorce, in itself unpleasant, aggravated harassment of stars in social networks and media when it was accused of all mortal sins, and the behavior of the former spouse when dividing property.

At the time, the couple has announced that they parted peacefully, and even amicably for the sake of the daughter of Taci.

However Telegin became interested in new relationships and is seen with his daughter rarely, financial help is not sought.

But he filed a claim for division of property, and claim their common home, and even my mother had given me wringing the apartment.

The next court hearing will take place on 9 July. It is anticipated that there will be questions on the purpose of child support and establishment of their size, as well as the division of property.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the singer Pelageya and hockey player Ivan Telegin failed to address a number of issues in the pretrial order.

This was stated by the lawyer, constituted a settlement agreement for couples.

He argues that the artist was forced to file for child support, since the athlete "completely withdraw".