Experts Mospeada reported the appearance of wild boars in natural areas of the capital. The animals noticed in the Bitsa forest nature and history Park moskvoreche and green areas of New Moscow.

They play an important role in the ecosystem, eating insects and their larvae. In addition, they dig soil in search of food, which positively affects the quality of the soil, facilitates the penetration of seed and restoration of wood.

Experts recalled that the boars are dangerous to people and when you meet them you need to follow certain rules. Usually they are cautious and will not attack without reason, but with the appearance of danger become aggressive, according to the website city hall.

Seeing wild boar, the person should stand still and try not to attract attention in the hope that the animal will not even notice it. Go carefully, slowly and not turning back. It is important to stay away from pigs: do not come near them, not to take on hands, and not even to photograph.

If the boar attacks, you need to climb on the nearest tree. If there is no vegetation, it is necessary to Dodge and to seek shelter until the animal takes place.

Earlier wrote that the bear attacked a man in Yaroslavl. The incident occurred on a deserted street in the Dzerzhinsky district of the city.

The animal attacked a passerby, the man tried to fight back. The beast fled when standing next to the car caught fire lights. The victim followed the limping to the car. He was taken to the hospital the taxi driver. The wounds were light, but they had to sew up.