MOSCOW, may 29 — RIA Novosti. Ten million families will receive the June 1 payment for children from 3 to 16 years, in the amount of 10 thousand rubles, told RIA Novosti press service Pension Fund of Russia.

“According to the results of consideration of applications for a lump sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years to 10 million families will receive this support measure on 1 June. Funds will be paid 15 million children,” the message reads.

In accordance with the government resolution, the application for lump sum payment shall be considered within five working days and the funds are transferred within three working days. These terms apply to all statements, including those submitted during the weekend.

If the application is sent to the period from may 23 (Saturday) to 25 may (Monday), it is resolved before may 29, funds are transferred to 2 June, said the Fund. In this eight-day period is the limit and in some cases may be reduced.

According to the FIU, the majority of families asked for payment through the state services portal and can check the status of the application in the electronic office. If the application is submitted personally to the Pension Fund, to clarify the stage of consideration by phone customer service, which was contacted by the parent.

In case of refusal, the parent receives a notification within one working day after the application is considered added to the pension Fund, adding that this decision, in particular, may be made if the parents live outside Russia or are citizens of another country.