BEIJING, may 29. /TASS/. the head of the National Biosafety laboratory in Wuhan Jimin yuan spoke about the desire to strengthen contracts with other countries in the field of Virology and denied rumors that the new type of coronavirus created in the walls of his organization. Interview with yuan showed China Central television (CCTV).

In the first months of the spread of coronavirus infection Chinese scientists often refused to give comments and share scientific data with their foreign counterparts. In this regard, Science is one of the biggest scientific journals in the world, even published an open letter calling for openness.

“If all the data will be hidden under the veil of secrecy, we will never solve this problem. In this case, the new coronavirus will rise in one number with such tragedies as the outbreak of SARS, or of Chernobyl or Fukushima,” wrote the scientists.

However, in a recent interview to the Central television of China the head of the National Biosafety laboratory in Wuhan Institute of Virology Jimin yuan told otherwise.

“We have long cooperated with American colleagues in the field of Virology. Created many joint projects, including the study of bats, said yuan. Thanks to such cooperation our Institute has received international recognition in the field of research of infectious diseases. We need to engage scientists from around the world and hope to make our laboratory a platform for future exchanges and international cooperation”.

According to the Director, the Chinese side “has always maintained close contacts with the international scientific community and various organizations” for the study of viruses. He said that this activity “is an exceptionally open and transparent”.

according to the scientist, the outbreak in Wuhan took everyone by surprise. Also yuan Jimin called rumors stating that “it all started with the Wuhan lab.”

formerly a leading epidemiologist of China Zhong Nanshan, in an interview with CNN admitted that the authorities of Wuhan first time concealed the true extent of the epidemic.