the Government of St. Petersburg approved the procedure for appointment payments to workers affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 when working with patients with such infections.

In the case of the death of the medic, his relatives will receive 1 million rubles; in case of disability – 500 thousand rubles; the others had ill – 300 thousand, informs “the North. Realities”. The payments will be made on the basis of the findings of the special Commission, which will assess the conditions under which a health care worker became infected. This is stated in the order of the city health Committee.

thus, the document is a form of act which will be completed in such cases. The responsible person will have to evaluate the conditions of the physician (did not come down the ventilation system, whether they comply with labour standards, were there any personal protective equipment, etc.), and how his illness “blame” the victim.

“the fault of the medical worker (in percent) and its justification”, – is said in paragraph 15 of the act.

the results of the investigation the Commission will establish what caused the infection, and to recognize or not recognize paramedic injured “as a result of providing care to patients who contract novel coronavirus infection.”

formerly the St. Petersburg authorities, commenting on the information about the death in the city several nurses stated that doctors had contracted out their work.