the Ministry of health of Dagestan began the test at BTF of the city of Dagestanskie Ogni. This is the reaction of the Republican authorities on the treatment of physician of this hospital in the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Dagestani human rights organization “patient Monitor”. The doctor says that for more than a month hospital staff works without any means of protection, resulting in 80% of doctors got sick with severe pneumonia. We talked with the head of the “patient Monitor” Ziyautdinom Uvaisov – it is on the website of the organization was published the appeal of the doctor.

Yes, we actually asked the doctor, anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the CGB of the city of Dagestanskie Ogni. – said the defender. We rechecked his information and made sure that the problem exists. The situation there is terrible. But it is not unique. The same situation in many medical institutions of Dagestan. The exceptions are those that are specialized for the treatment of coronavirus. For example, the First city hospital of Makhachkala. It is now fully transferred under COVID-19. Everything there is good. And in the areas in hospitals and emergency departments – all bad, no personal protective equipment. Many doctors get sick.

Resuscitator Dagestani lights argues that the leadership of the Central city hospital is idle. Signals doctors about the lack of means of individual protection they are neglecting. Thus up the chief reports on the readiness of the hospital to a particularly dangerous infections.

the Entire staff of the hospital at the same time, according to the doctor working in a makeshift masks. At the beginning of the epidemic to mind was distributed to 200 of the so-called anti-plague suits, worn, and transparent. The result doctor, said resuscitator, are compelled to purchasing antiviral drugs, antibiotics for colleagues, drugs for anesthesia, solutions for infusion, gloves, alcohol, oxygen, HARO and more. And ordered at its own expense suits to Dagestan lights not reached due to the closure of travel between cities. During the first week 80% of the staff came down with severe pneumonia.

writes the doctor, “the staff slowly begins to die.” And the doctor don’t appear to work at all. Now the hospital is filled with sick coronavirus, and is mostly due to the medical staff. Those who have not yet managed to get sick in the evening goes home, “thereby creating a threat of infection to members of their families.”

According to the doctor, now in critical condition, head of the anesthesiology-resuscitation Department, in the same state resident, ARO. In critical condition a nurse office, which after 4-5 days of work in a disposable mask from the light nothing left. Now she is on a ventilator.

– the User TSGB Dagestani Lights has released a rebuttal on behalf of allegedly the doctors at the hospital. says Ziauddin of Uvaisov. But it was anonymous, did not contain any one name of the signer. The denial is accompanied by photographs of doctors in masks.

But the problem is that this is not some unique case. Almost all hospitals of Dagestan this situation. To us in constant contact with people from different medical institutions of the Republic with the request to help with PPE. Came treatment from the Caspian, Kizil-Yurt and other places. We started raising money to assist the doctors. The situation is catastrophic. Find and buy these means of protection – respirators, anti – plague suits also now it is very difficult.

– do You think it is normal when the population itself raises funds for doctors?

– No, of course. Of course, the leadership of our Ministry of health would advance to think about all that. There was enough time. It would be possible to prepare. And now there is a problem with the purchase just by Bank transfer. Delivery time – June. Now all is sold by those who immediately realized that there is a problem, all of this in advance to purchase and sell these assets for a large profit. The state had to provide selling for a normal price. This is my point of view.

the numbers of cases and deaths, officially now called in Dagestan, untrue?

– the Situation with numbers like that. All these data, first, late, second, they include only those who have test showed COVID-19. The test here is not in large quantities.

I Have a friend lawyer. His mother was sick confirmed Kovalam. He, too, was in the hospital with mild. The result of the analysis came only after discharge, he was positive.

Doctor hospital in Khasavyurt said that just one day they have died 11. In many villages it hurts up to a third of the population. Three or four people a day dying in some villages. It is not a single village in this situation. The first person dies – he’s not diagnosed, measures are not taken. As a result, the funeral comes to a lot of people. They get infected, and the infection goes on. Many physicians are sick, and they, too, are not diagnosed because not testing. We have information about the dead doctors, paramedics.

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