the Founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov believes that the actions of the US against the social network TikTok create a “dangerous precedent that ultimately could kill the global Internet.” This opinion was expressed by the actor in his official Telegram channel.

“I can understand why the US government threatens to ban TikTok, if his assets in the US will not be sold to American investors, – wrote Durov. In the end, China bans almost all non-Chinese social networking applications on-site. Why the rest of the world, including the US, have to let the Chinese app is free to use their markets? If you want to access the markets of other countries, you also need for them to open their markets – this would be true.”

But such actions, according to Durova, can create a “dangerous precedent that could kill the Internet as a global network (or what was left of it)”. The founder of the Telegram believes that the United States acts like “an authoritarian state”. In addition, the Creator of the messenger also noted that Telegram is not for sale: “We’re not betraying our users. We do not sell Telegram – none. It will always be our position,” he concluded.

Recall that the President of the United States Donald trump has put the TikTok owners an ultimatum – if the Chinese company will not be sold to one of the American corporations until 15 September, the application will be blocked in the USA. One of the contenders for the purchase is the company Microsoft, have already signified their intention.