– I only recently came to the “Spartak”. Looking at everything, trying to understand the processes. The work is interesting. There are things that I like. We can say that they built a great job. But there are those where decisions must be taken quickly.

as for the team and its game, we Domenico (Tedesco) together. For all the moments we have a full understanding. I am sure that this year “Spartak” will fight for the titles. We have one objective. The other I do not see. There are certain things associated with caution, but I believe in the team. See that the head coach and his staff are working correctly. We need to add a little paint, and we are ready to take this top. “Spartak” should help its history, the fans. If we all believe in this idea, we will succeed. Just thinking and Domenico.

– the Decision for these players made with the coaching staff. Timofeev, Lomovitski, Melkadze and Guliyev will be either sold or loaned out. Now they are not the main players of “Spartak”. Mirzov and Glushenkov while in the team. But no one knows what will happen tomorrow. The tashaev? So can all players go through. Someone has a trauma, someone certain issues with our vision for the future. They are all strong players who can strengthen any team. However, today they can not help us.

– there is No team and a coach who would not gain. We work in all directions, concentrated in certain positions. But I would not want to specify. As soon as I call the position that we’re looking for a player, prices will immediately increase exponentially. And then it will be difficult in the negotiations. When “Spartak” asks terms for the player that we want, the market goes by the wayside. And I’m a supporter of the market. We will not buy for any amount. Only according to the market and our capabilities.

– No idea who stir up this topic and why. These people invent some stories. Such things are absolutely impossible, and I am in favour of any of the proceedings. Why anyone has the right to say and it is replicated? This is to ensure that “Spartak” has responded. But cannot respond. There are bodies that need to close my mouth. When people talk about us, “Ufa”, “Khimki” that hurt employees of these clubs. Or someone wants to say that we are dishonest and will someone agree? Well, let him come and say to my face that I’m dishonest. Everybody knows me as an honest man. And “Spartak” be honest with their fans one hundred percent.