Cowboy hats, haystacks, plaid shirts – on Usachevsky market started Texas weekend DeliChef . Weekend from 10 to 12 July, the summer terrace has become a territory of the Wild West and real cowboys. In addition to the stylized interiors and the atmosphere of a Western, guests can try delicious dishes from the chefs of the project Deli Chef to attend the master class on cooking BBQ specialties with pastrami.

Perhaps, as hungry for activities of the Metropolitan public, not the starved one. Residents, accustomed to the constant festivals and imprisoned for several months, with gusto, trying to drown out the emotional and aesthetic starvation. This weekend Muscovites rushed to Usachevsky market, where today, in addition to the counters, which are the products of suburban and regional farms, houses the food courts, the best Moscow restaurateurs. There in the three days to quench the thirst of not only entertainment, but also eat incredibly delicious fresh salads pastrami from beef and Turkey pastrami-sandwiches and the signature BBQ-Turkey chef Deli Chef. Moreover, to do it all to the accompaniment of DJ Sophia Muntyan (July 10) and Dmitry Astakhov (Dmitry Astakhov) (11-12 July), prepared special sets with the legendary country hits.

Texas weekend continues the series of activities of the project Deli Chef “Meat house of Borodino” started in the gastronomic tour Pastrami Road Show. The festival was held in November last year at the Central market. Cowboy hats, haystacks, cowboy saloons, the ideal backdrop for a stylish photo. Plaid shirts, cowboy boots and straw hats as accessories of dress code are welcome!

the Main “chip” of the event – American delicacy pastrami. To cook this dish, a brisket of beef is marinated, smoked and heated in a vacuum for a couple in total for three weeks! Cult for US, but a new product to Russia, mass production of which have only recently been able to establish experts Meat house Borodin.

the Project Deli Chef from the “Meat house Borodin” brought together chefs, restaurateurs and modern producer of meat products on one of the “creative kitchen” for the sake of creating new products for restaurants. The first successful result of this innovative creative Union – an authentic new York pastrami, with a bright taste, aroma of spices, perfect texture and stable quality.

in Addition to the pastrami of beef, there will be other food that will definitely delight guests, pastrami and Turkey famous American stewed drumstick of a Turkey.

Before, these delicacies can be tasted only in restaurants, and now St��accessible to everyone everywhere on the shelves or using their delivery. Producer – “Meat house of Borodino” – took the decision to bring them in the retail sale to consumers who love these products, could use them to prepare a variety of dishes at home.

Earlier, the “Meat house of Borodino” was known as a producer of natural meat products, renounced flavour enhancers, GMOs, soy and carageenan in their products. By the way, the legendary pastrami and the drumstick of a Turkey come in innovative, more environmental friendly type of packaging. So that buyers of meat products can be confident in their safety for ourselves and for the environment.