a Popular American singer Ashley Frangipani, known as Halsey, shared explicit pictures and delighted fans. The picture appeared on her Instagram account.

On the published frame she is depicted sitting on the floor in fusion bikini light beige color with a cutout at the chest. The fabric itself partially transparent. The image of the singer complements sunglasses. “The grasshopper or the man with the thigh the Turkey?” — she signed a post with 2.3 million likes.

Fans appreciated the appearance of celebrities and expressed his admiration in the comments. “God you’re hot!”, “Halsey, you look fantastic! Love you”, “You’re so perfect”, “Pretty tattoo”, “will You marry me?” — they wrote.

In April Halsey did in the garden of his house without a bra. On the posted photos she is depicted in a massive pink lace-up boots, mini-skirt and white crop top, through which Shine through her chest. The singer parodied the image of the Anime character and pleased fans with a new picture.