the Veterans of the restoration of Kaliningrad it is very upsetting. Meanwhile, next year citizens will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the region and rename Koenigsberg to Kaliningrad. For many who recovered the region from the ruins after the great Patriotic war, the best gift would be Veterans Park.

Older builders I’m afraid that will not live to see the opening so important for them places of memory and rest. The correspondent “the Russian newspaper” talked with participants in the recovery of Kaliningrad and learned why the city needs to Veterans Park.

City authorities have already allocated space for new recreational areas. It will be located near the Alley of the Brave, on the site of an abandoned manor Park Koenigsberg. Plot with an area of 11.6 hectares with many ponds listed in the General plan of Kaliningrad and the rules of land use and development as a recreation area. But while the future Veterans Park is more reminiscent of the unkempt woods, and some ponds and swamps.

At the same time near the Alley of the Brave little landscaped recreational areas. If green area tidy, it will be a great place of recreation for residents of the rapidly built-up area. And the first builders of Kaliningrad will receive a commemorative place. After all, in the Park, in addition to the facilities for entertainment and recreation, provides for the construction of a Museum complex dedicated to the veterans of war and labour and the first settlers.

– We are with like-minded people created the Kaliningrad public organization “national movement for the development of our Kaliningrad”. In recent years, the main goal of the movement – promoting the city guide the development of the Park for Veterans, – says the Chairman of the Board of the organization, the President of Fund of social support of veterans-builders of the Kaliningrad region Alexey Voitov. – In 2017 was the first victory, designed by the architectural and urban planning concept of the Park of Veterans. Former city leaders promised to allocate funds for the development of project-estimate documentation and construction of the Park in 2018. The new management plans to determine the funding only in 2023, and it is not permissible later.

the Veterans of the restoration of the Kaliningrad region – special people. Among them were many enthusiasts and romantics who come to a new region, more recently, the former land of the enemy, to turn it into a Soviet region. The first builders did not frighten the lack of housing, Railways, critical infrastructure.

Alexei Voitov first saw Kaliningrad in 1954. Fourteen-year-old boy he arrived in the Baltic region from Smolensk to realize a childhood dream – to become a sailor. In the naval school Alex Stefanovic has not arrived, but vowed to return to this strange city, savoroivsi its beauty.

the Entire centre of Kaliningrad, then in ruins, – says Alexei Voitov. Modern citizens find it hard to believe from Victory square you can see South station. Now these objects connects the main street of Kaliningrad, a three-kilometer Leninsky Prospekt, but in the past between them was a solid ruins. However, the Kaliningrad, despite the devastation, had some special charm. It was spring, luxuriantly blooming chestnut trees, the birds sang, glittered in the sun like fragments of tile roofs. I fell in love with this city. I wanted to be a Builder and help him to transform.

after Graduating from Smolensk construction College, Alex Stefanovic returned to Kaliningrad and got a plant on production of ferroconcrete products. Was promoted to chief engineer, participated in creating the region’s first house-building factory.

– the Establishment of the industry was in difficult conditions, – continues Alexey Voitov. – Production was born from scratch, and had no people, no equipment, no materials. It got to the point that the builders took the soot, mixed with lime and this mixture was painting the house. However, in a relatively short time we were able to start the system of prefabricated housing construction. This will allow us to build residential neighborhoods, ports, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, education, culture.

the Construction of the Central streets of Kaliningrad, Leninsky and Moscovsky avenues, streets April 9 – headed veteran of the great Patriotic war Mikhail Netreba. He participated in the East Prussian operation in the territory of present Kaliningrad region, and then devoted his life to the restoration of the new Soviet region.

– the Whole system of a heat supply of the city since 60 years passed through me, – says Mikhail Netreba. In 1966, the question arose about the construction of the only major thermal power plants. But my colleagues were strongly opposed to implanting the entire Kaliningrad on a “pipe”. After all, if the station something happened, the city would be left without energy. As a result has developed and agreed a project for the construction of district heating plants, connected to each other. It was very convenient when one station was closed on preventive maintenance, the district switched to another CHP.

the Veterans I would like to now more attention has been paid not German, and Soviet and Russian periods of the history.

We conquered this land, we built on the ruins of the new city, and our task is to perpetuate the memory of Soviet and then Russian region, – says the veteran of the great Patriotic war. – And the need for this Veterans Park is an important place, reflecting the history of formation of the Kaliningrad region.

According to the administration of Kaliningrad, ��arc Veterans to include in the list for voting in the municipal program “formation of the modern urban environment” for 2023. But in 2023 the works will start only if the citizens will give the most votes for this territory. In the mayoralty do not exclude that the plot can be build out of the competition, with attraction of means of investors.

– unfortunately, there are no investors, – says the head of Department on public relations of administration of Kaliningrad Inna Verbitskaya. Anyway, the town-planning documentation the land reserved for the Park. This means that other use can not be. And in the future, when will be solved the financial issues, there is bound to be a Park.

Veterans suggest not to wait for pie in the sky, and to equip Veterans Park in phases – with the involvement of the city, the region, businesses and the public. To begin to find the money for the project, and then to arrange engineering networks, to clear lake. Perhaps if you do this simple work, the area will become more attractive to investors.

– a Significant contribution to the restoration of Kaliningrad has made “children of war” that arrived with the families of the first settlers. Now the majority of veterans-builders exceeded 70-80 years, – summarises Aleksey Voitov. Almost every month we bury one of our comrades. To wait for the opening of the Park a few years we just can’t.

At the initiative of the Fund of social support of veterans-builders in the city has established the title of “Veteran recovery” Kaliningrad – it has received 872 people. In addition, in the Central Park of culture and recreation erected a memorial sign in honor of veterans-builders, and in different parts of the city installed four plaques.