Over death denied coronavirus Americans mocked

Twitter Users began to mock the death of American John McDaniel (John McDaniel), who died from the coronavirus, writes BuzzFeed. The reason for this was the publication of men in social networks, in which he denied the infection, called it “a political ploy” and criticized the introduction of the regime of self-isolation in Ohio.

the Man died April 15 at circle of close friends. Relatives of Macdaniel told me that he loved fishing, the outdoors and cigars, and his two sons were are engaged. A month before that, the American expressed his opinion about the coronavirus in Facebook. Now the posts are removed, however, the network sold screenshots.

the Position of John was not close to many Twitter users. Many of them began to gloat over the fate of men, and to lead him in another example of the deniers of the coronavirus. “One ignorschik on the planet has become smaller,” wrote one of the users. “Don’t be like John McDaniel,” said another.

Earlier, on April 24, the famous American presenter of ABC News George Stephanopoulos (George Stephanopoulos) said that they were healed from the coronavirus. After passing the test, which was positive, he walked through the streets of long island. The behavior leading outraged users of social networks. In their opinion, a man could potentially infect other people.