MOSCOW, 7 June. /TASS/. the Orthodox Church on Sunday celebrates the day the Holy Trinity.

Despite the fact that the Moscow temples on the eve opened the doors for the parishioners, the measures introduced by Rospotrebnadzor, will remain in force during the festive divine services. In particular, it is a requirement to wear gloves and masks and to comply with social distance.

“the Churches of Moscow have a very clear and reasonable instructions from the first vicar of the Patriarch, Metropolitan [of the resurrection] Dionysius [Poruma] as to how to organize worship services in the current environment. Importantly, in these guidelines there is ample space for manoeuvre in relation to the situation in a particular Church, therefore, every Abbot has the opportunity to make a decision about how it is expedient to organize service these days due to the expected large number of members to increase the number of worship services, to bring the stream to the street or other in temple premises, to arrange the compilation of lists of parishioners in service and so on. It all depends on the size of the parish, useful areas of the temple, the presence of street site,” said TASS, the Chairman of the information Committee of the Moscow diocese priest Alexander Volkov.

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill will perform at the feast of the Holy Trinity Liturgy at the Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky in the same skete near Peredelkino, reported in a Telegram to the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoyda. “This decision was made, given the planned June 22 the consecration of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill Cathedral in honor of Christ’s Resurrection — the main temple of the Russian Armed forces”, he added.

So, in St. Petersburg, where the divine service with the participation of the congregation were resumed on June 5, even the “small churches of the diocese, given the limited number of people who can enter the temple, then go on to spend the early and late Liturgy at Holy Trinity Day”, — told TASS the head of communications St. Petersburg metropolis Natalia Rodomanova. She noted that the city is closed for believers, house churches, located including on-site medical institutions, universities, military schools. “All the churches will be decorated with young green grass, birch branches is something that is a traditional thing,” she said.

In the Republic of Gorny Altai worship services at Trinity will be held with a limited number of members, where possible. And in the Voronezh diocese on the eve of Easter, the Metropolitan of Voronezh and Liski Sergiy urged members will wondergat��Xia to attend worship services due threat of infection by the coronavirus. In this case, as told TASS the Chairman of the Voronezh Department of the metropolis on the relationship with society and with mass media Tatyana Menshikov, the temples are not closed, the service they are continued.

In all the churches, which will host the service with the parishioners, met sanitary-epidemiological requirements: floor marking, provided the point where it can be people during the service, as well as the directions for movement on one person, the necessary disinfection.

In St. Petersburg, even in anticipation of the opening of churches in all parishes was specifically sent out a memo to parishioners and clergy with a reminder of what basic measures are required in the new conditions, and in Novgorod oblast are asking the parishioners who are sick, stay home. “And so in all the churches the services are held in the normal mode. There are instructions on the rubbing of the icons, which follow people with a special solution, washing licy at communion, the distance, the mask — all of the clergy came to the people to be executed”, — told TASS in press service Novgorod diocese.

At the same time, in the opinion of Rostov and Novocherkassk metropolis, this form of worship will allow to comply with the necessary anti-epidemic requirements.

the Metropolitan also asked the clergy to notify on this form of celebration worship services of the congregation, reminding them of the necessity of wearing protective masks, sanitary treatment of hands and the observance of other anti-epidemic norms. In the temples of other regions such as Tyumen and Novosibirsk regions, worship will be held without visitors in the format of the online broadcast can be viewed on social media and on the websites of the local dioceses.

One of the traditions at Trinity is visiting the graves of loved ones. It is also impacted by the pandemic. Earlier in press service GBU “Ritual” TASS reported that the Muscovites are advised to refrain from visiting cemeteries to the lifting of the alert, including the Trinity parent Saturday.

At last the authorities even carried out special processing of the cemeteries from ticks and rodents so as not to expose the health of the local residents of the danger. “Many residents who come to clean up the graves of their loved ones, take from us the equipment for work. With this in mind, we treated antibacterial agents rakes, brooms, shovels”, — said the Director of the Tomsk “the city of cemeteries” Elena Caddis.

Also in regions where visits to cemeteries are allowed, increase traffic. In the Tyumen region June 6 and 7 especially will increase tothe number of buses to Tyumen cemeteries, but at the same time, discourage mass travel at all to postpone the visit to the cemetery at another time.

the situation is Similar in St. Petersburg — there by order of the Governor in these days of Orthodox holidays for the most popular routes residents will be more public transport. The citizens were reminded of the need for us to be in a mask and gloves, to comply with social distance.

the Day of the Holy Trinity (or Pentecost) is one of the 12 most important Orthodox feasts devoted to the events of the earthly life of Jesus Christ and the virgin.

Western Christian Church on the 50th day after Easter celebrating the Descent of the Holy spirit (Pentecost), and Holy Trinity celebrate another seven days later. In 2020 Roman Catholic the Church also celebrates the Holy Trinity on June 7.

the Festival is dedicated to the gospel the descent of the Holy spirit on the disciples of Christ. According to the gospel, it happened on the day of Pentecost — one of the major Jewish holidays. According to biblical history, on the 50th day after the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt the Lord on mount Sinai gave Moses the ten commandments, which formed the basis of the Pentateuch, or written Torah. This was the beginning of the old Testament Church.

According to tradition, on Pentecost the apostles according to the commandment of Christ was in Jerusalem, gathered together with Virgin Mary and believers in one of the upper rooms of the house on the hill of Zion — the Zion chamber where was the last Passover meal of Jesus Christ with his disciples, known as the last Supper. Suddenly a sound like the wind, and the apostles appeared bright, but not burning flames. Fire came down on the heads of Jesus ‘ disciples and they “turned” the Holy spirit received the ability to speak in languages that were not known before, to preach the teachings of Lord around the world. According to the Orthodox canons, the phenomenon of the Holy spirit, who proceeded from God the Father promised God the Son, is revealed the doctrine of the Trinity of God.

In the Christian history of the event that occurred on the day of Pentecost symbolizes the indwelling of the apostles their mission — to be missionaries and founders of new churches. It is believed that after the first preaching of the Apostle Peter baptized in Jerusalem converted to Christianity about three thousand people.

the Feast of the Holy Trinity was celebrated once in the year 381 at the second Ecumenical Council in Constantinople, was finally adopted by the dogma of the three persons of God. In Russia, the celebration of the Trinity is widely spread only in the XIV century by the monk Sergius of Radonezh, the founder of the Holy��Trinity monastery (now Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region). In the Church calendar Trinity completes 50-day Easter period.

Saturday eve is called Universal, the Trinity or the parent, in this day to commemorate all the departed Orthodox Christians. The Monday after Pentecost, Holy spirit day, and in the folk tradition — the Spirits of the day.

In green garments clothe and clergy. After the Liturgy is Vespers, during which I read three prayers to God, one in three persons. From this day, for the first time after Easter, and the Ministers of the Church, and the parishioners make kneeling during the service.

the Eastern Slavs Trinity was part of the festive cycle (Semik), which started three days before the day of Pentecost and completed normally Brass day. In the folk tradition also known as the Green holidays or Mermaid week. Its main rituals associated with the cult of vegetation, girlish festivals and divination, in the remembrance of the dead. A symbol of the holiday was the birch.