“In the West of the Moscow region, where I am now, in fact, already autumn has come, – tells the chief specialist of the capital’s weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova. – Now weather front escalates, which leads to deterioration in the weather”. Hydrometeorological center of Russia even introduced the orange danger level. This means that the bad weather may result in material losses.

In Moscow, heavy rains in some places continues today. July is traditionally the wettest month in the region. But Livni 2020 anyway if you don’t hit record, then approach them. For example, for 14-th highest figure for Moscow was 35.5 mm of rain. Now sometimes even expected of up to 49 mm in half a day. And when you consider that the rains will not leave until July 16, expect that the monthly rainfall in three days.

Capital TMS has urged motorists to delay travel due to bad weather, and mosvodostok led brigade in full readiness. As always happens before a storm. However, we all remember the rain of June 20, when the water stood at the Vernadsky Prospekt, Michurinsky on, on the Warsaw highway. Motors caught in the traffic jam of cars often get water hammer, but it is thousands to repair and nerves. Who will compensate? If you have insurance, it most likely should not be expected, said lawyer Vladimir Postnik. Just take a picture of your car in the water with location, call the police, and then submit all documentation to the insurance company. But everything goes smoothly, only if the contract of a natural disaster recognized by the insured event. If the extended no policy at all, it will have to search for the culprit, explains the lawyer of GK “LEGAL” Cyril Gavriliev.

In any case, first, the fact of damage must commit to an inspector or policeman, and then will need to find the organization responsible for maintenance of stormwater drainage. There should be a written claim, and if the utility will not solve the problem the world will have to go to court. There, said the source, “RG”, most likely, will appoint the examination. If it turns out that the drain was clogged, then the service company will be billed. But if it was a cataclysm on which the stormwater drainage is not intended – C’est La vie, repair the engine themselves. However, in our case, as we have already mentioned, will be strong, but not unprecedented rainfall. Accurate and official information about this you can quickly order on Will cost 2500 rubles., but the repairs are still expensive. If you flood your yard or the street, your phone: +7 (495) 657-87-03, this is control “Mosvodostok”.