it was Believed that Venus does not exist of volcanic activity. However, recent studies scientists have proven that this is not so.

according to the publication Nature Geoscience, discovered for the first time the 37 active volcanoes, and, according to the researchers, they act for several million years.

the Scientists used three-dimensional thermomechanical modeling of the formation of the volcano by the collision of thermal mantle plumes with the lithosphere of Venus. The mantle plume penetrates into the Venusian lithosphere, that cause changes in the thickness of the crust. Internal depressions surrounded by raised rims, forming a crown.

the simulation Results are compared with 133 infrared images of volcanic crowns, obtained by NASA. Morphological analysis of major existing crowns led to the conclusion that at least 37 major crowns, among which the largest is the Artemis, have the characteristics of activity.

At the same time volcanic areas were quite large. The average diameter of crowns of up to 300 kilometers. And the crown of Artemis has a diameter of 2,600 kilometers. A large part of the discovered volcanoes concentrated in one place on the planet.