Administrative detention Ilya Azar (15 days) picket, the detention of journalists, speaking in his defense — it’s worthless, illegal, ridiculous. Democratic society is outraged, and rightly so. This is tyranny in nature! What violations of the law in the pickets?

Well, Yes, the picket is alone and unarmed, but with a poster — with a coronavirus, the most isolated, the quarantine protest in Russia. Ministry of health warns: rally safe for your health and the health of others. A single picket, but still in the mask, but still wearing gloves — all Exterminators prescribed. It would seem that protest for health. But here it is necessary to understand the psychology of power. The enemy should know in person.

As it may sound cynical, time will pass and power will miss, to yearn for coronavirus. Nostalgia, remember the best time. Terrible to say, but true.

Because now all people of goodwill, all Russia fell at the feet of the state. The state is, the state is necessary, the state above all else is the slogan of the day. It turns out that without a state at its most fateful moment nothing can be done. “I am the state”, — can safely say the Supreme will be right.

But the government initially did not want and could not to take control. Humanly (or fearing) politely asked to relax, go on vacation. The state wanted to, craved only good news, only love grateful people. You free, good people, walk! Well, “who should I forgive all” — it is about pay. Good government, not just any Bullies or warrant Prishibeev.

But at this point even the most rabid, the most prominent liberals demanded: the state, hold the nuts! Oh, and send us all into quarantine to sit at home and no-no’s here. With us in no other way.

the State government has for some time protested, paused, but then on numerous requests of workers has imposed extraordinary measures slowly began to squeeze the throat, to cut off a tail in parts.

Yes, of course, have been associated with disadvantages. Millions of hands stretched out, hungry and not yet very mouths, crying: give, give, give! The eternal lament of Yaroslavna from “the best people of the city” — artists, soccer players, restaurant owners — help! Constant nagging from those of the liberals who initially demanded to toughen, and then, of course, all these tightening of the cursed hound. Here such trouble. But the main thing is that everything (that is completely) has recognized the intrinsic role of the state at the present stage and were ready to hand over all their rights, freedoms in his strong hands (skillful hands, terrible feet). All were willing to accept that the state as monster “oblo, mischievously, huge, stozevno and Laya”.

And the state is like. No, it didn’t, we ourselves have made. Or asked for. Of course, the state is the people, and they during the early stages behave differently. Someone chickened out, disappear, resigned; someone lied, praised; someone hid in udalenku… And someone was wrong, but, falling and getting up, actually tried to help people struggling.

…And suddenly the pickets, even a single. You crazy, we have an emergency, what freedom! The government liked to control everyone and everything, to care, to be the last resort. The government, the government would like to freeze this terrible period in our history and stay in it. Even despite the fact that it is the state, was in a very deep situation. “Let nothing, but without us nowhere,” I think now the sovereign people.

Let them think. But the coronavirus ends, the senior ordered. Which means that very soon a thing of the past lined up already Patriarchal relations where the state is always on top. Go back action, but still some!

a State we entered in your position, now you come to ours. Freedom of speech, Assembly has not been canceled. Down with police brutality! Observe its Constitution. Even with all these amendments.

Life goes on.

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