Olga Buzova together with the creators of YouTube show XO Team made a funny video.

The plot is simple: Buzova in the image of the teacher, but not in proper attire asks students why they are not in form.

The frightened students then took to their heels.

Commentators were divided. The majority decided that the movie is funny, and she Buzova looks great.

And generally it is a pity that in schools such teachers do not exist.

But some thought that the theme was slippery and a sense of proportion of the presenter changed.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Olga became an active participant in the bold network challenges and initiated home extreme entertainment (which is its bathing in ramen noodles!) and started TikTok.

Publish from the XO Team (@the_xo_team) 29 May 2020 4:32 PDT