After complaining of the “terrible position” of artists during a pandemic party “Communists of Russia” decided to send the family of the producer Joseph Prigogine “humanitarian aid” – packs of Ramen noodles, – informs RIA Novosti.

The party also made public its appeal to Prigogine. In particular, it says:

“it is well Known that artists of your level for one party get as much as a factory worker or office employee will receive a year of hard work, and for a few years.”

That is, actors – not the most needy category of citizens of Russia, even during quarantine mode.

Prigogine and his colleagues were invited to try yourself in another profession – for example, always required manpower at construction sites.

There you can earn 25-50 thousand rubles, which will give the opportunity not to starve to death.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Prigogine Shnurova sent SMS with threats.

And Cords published these messages on his page in Instagram.