As it turned out on 30 June at a conference of Rosobrnadzor and the Ministry of education with the organizers of the exam, the previous exam motto “Equal objectivity” this year was replaced by the new: “Safety and health”. But here is the paradox: to prevent cheating and other violations of the procedure of the final test will not soften, and intensify.

Certificates all graduates from this untied the hands of the authorities. Here installation: with violators do not stand on ceremony!

After long waiting and repeated postponements of the start of the campaign the exam July 3, finally will begin unified state examination for graduates. But I’m curious. Until the opening of the campaign was far, the authorities have mostly talked about the ensuring of epidemiological safety in the exams. However, on the eve of the test came forward, the struggle against violations. More tightly than is usually the case.

– you Must apply appropriate measures against violators of the exam. If we are to take action will not, this will lead in particular to the situation of 2013: chaos, unrest and social injustice in relation to those students who honestly take the exam – set the target installation, the head of the Ministry of education Sergey Kravtsov.

At the same time to be tormented by compassion for the violators-specialistam captured at the scene and for this reason expelled from the exams, the organizers of the exam, there is not the slightest reason, and their hands are untied, let it be understood it is: “All students have received certificates. Therefore, in the case of removal or cancellation of the results of the exam that will not affect the certificate. Graduates are comfortable with these certificates to enroll in institutions of secondary vocational education.

If we do not adequately ensure the objectivity of the exam, we can encourage students to be dishonest, to lie. In the future it will do them a disservice”.

“disservice” turn around, and attempt to “exert pressure” on someone of the organizers of the exams. They are strongly encouraged to immediately report all such cases to the Ministerial hotline. But if the latter recommendation is not surprising, the fact that such attempts are still being made, although the current procedure of the exam, would seem to make them completely meaningless, deserved serious further reflection.

the Upcoming fight with violators corresponds to the increase in the number of observers on the exam. Thus, the number of the most important Federal observers will not decrease, but the leading online surveillance will be a lot more. And all of them seem to have more work: “we Have information that some of the participants would try to pass on TPP (paras examination – “MK”) in the maskx to use them to Cribs, has warned the organizers of the exams, the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. To stop these craftsmen do not, he said, but to follow them. And with all due diligence!

the same thoroughness, warned Muzaev, it is necessary to show respect to the other serious dangers of participating in the current campaign of the exam. The Windows and doors of the exam rooms because of the hot weather this year to keep open. Ventilation is certainly good. But a draft can blow away from the tables and to confuse the leaves of individual tasks. And gather them again correctly is almost impossible because of the hidden coding of the pages. So this should be carefully monitored — and the organizers and by the participants of the examinations:

– Such cases occur each year. And this year, the service predicts that there will be many. Because of the scattered and improperly collected pages with jobs, exam results will have to cancel, and they will have to retake them in the backing days, said Muzaev.