on August 25, 90 years since the birth of the outstanding Soviet Director Georgi Daneliya. He died on 4 April 2019. In the Moscow metro organized an exhibition in his honor, and it is connected with the fact that the father Director was a famous metrostroiteley. The biography he is an outstanding and dramatic.

Nicholas D. Danelia was an engineer, railway workers, supervised the construction of the stations “Paveletskaya” (ring and radial), Kievskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line). He was a Brigadier and the head of the mine, the chief engineer of the authority of Moscow and the USSR. He was awarded two orders of Lenin. In his biography there is an impressive episode. The excavation of the tunnel between stations “Park Kultury” and “Kursk” at the factory “Red rose” identified karst soils. The body of the enterprise was threatened with destruction. To understand the situation immediately came Nikolai Daneliya, and then the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Kosygin. He tried to intervene in the situation, a scandal erupted. Danelia abruptly reined big head, took matters into their own hands. And after a while he was sent into retirement, presenting claims for compliance with safety regulations. So in January of 1954 ended his Carter. Nikolai Dmitrievich was 51 years old.

Georgi Daneliya was born in Tbilisi in 1930, but in 1931-om his family moved to Moscow, where he lived his entire life. In his house on Clean ponds there were many journalists, and the exhibition presents a photograph taken in this area in the 1980s.. Many of his films the audience knows by heart, such as “I step through Moscow”, “Mimino”, “Afonya”, “Autumn marathon”. “I step through Moscow” was the key in this exposition, considering the scene. In the picture of the young character played by Nikita Mikhalkov up the escalator, singing “And I go, step through Moscow”. Metro George N. had a special relationship, and on the screen we see out there somewhere hurrying people. This is one of the most poetic places in Moscow. And his 18-year-old hero of metro in the performance of Mikhalkov and Danelia called Coley in honor of his son, who years later will have to wait for a tragic fate.

the Film “I step through Moscow” was released in 1963. He participated in the Cannes film festival, the heart detail and a lot of fun, wrote in his book, remembering how Galina Polish bought in France, wheat flour, talked about his luxury Moscow apartment, although lived in a communal apartment. But it was ordered attached to them people.

the exhibition presents photography from the set of the film “Fortuna”, which celebrates this year 20 years old. It is a very young Daria Moroz. With impressive posters side by side a small black-and-white photographs, where the media captured with your friends – Sergei Bondarchuk, Georgi Paradzhanov, Lyudmila GurChenko, Yevgeny Leonov. There’s a photo of Yevgeny Primakov, and with the filming of “Completely gone” in 1973 with sitting in the boat with the Director, footage from “Mimino” and “Passport”, where he participates as an actor of the episode. “The path to the dock” there are rare posters and photographs taken during the Arctic expedition during the preparation of the shooting in 1960. Danelia is there in the society of the polar bear put a paw on his shoulder. There are screen tests. Daneliya loved to appear on the screen in very small roles. There is a family chronicle. His heirs are many.

Passengers run past, hurrying on their business, but someone stops and looks at the exhibits, which represent the entire life.