LONDON, may 7. /TASS/. Scientists from the UK have identified factors that increase the risk to get a coronavirus infection.

the Most significant were obesity, Smoking and slow walking. Preliminary results of the study experts published in the electronic scientific library medRxiv, briefly about it writes The Times.

In particular, cardiac problems increase the likelihood of death from coronavirus infection more than four times.

Scientists from the University of Glasgow (UK) decided to see what other factors can influence the risk to get a coronavirus infection. For this, they used data of the project UK Biobank. The project involves hundreds of thousands of people in the UK — they donate to the project samples of their DNA and fill in some questionnaires that tell us about their habits and physical activity.

With the help of statistical analysis, the researchers studied data from more than 428 thousand volunteers, of which 340 were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. The result showed that the most significant factor for getting into the hospital with COVID-19 was obesity, followed by Smoking and the habit to walk slowly.

the Authors of the new study did not figured out why obesity complicates the course of disease. According to previous research, it can happen due that due obesity body produces more molecules of the receptor ACE2. It is through this receptor coronavirus, a new type of penetrates into healthy cells.

it Should be added that article the scientists and reviewed by independent experts and editors of scientific journals, as it usually happens in such cases. Therefore, the conclusions from it and similar articles should be treated with caution.