Former member of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev on his official page in Instagram he published a strange message, which was dedicated to the singer Valeria.

The entertainer also posted a picture of the famous blonde. On it she covers her Breasts with hands. While it is no clothes there.

once again convinced: most people hate having to who was wrong — signed sun under the photo.

According to him, this quote belongs to Valeria.


"once again convinced: most people hate having to whom was wrong". Valery, the singer. #have carboranylmethyl #americasamericas #Valeria #singer #photo #showbiz #of novostieurasia #Prigogine

Publish from Rustam Solntsev (@rustamsolncev_) 26 May 2020 10:43 PDT

Fans of the controversial star thought that the way he reacted to the conflict that occurred between a husband Valeria and musician Sergey Shnurov.

Earlier, Iosif Prigozhin said that many Russian artists due to pandemic coronavirus may be in a quandary because they can’t tour. In response, the singer Sergey Shnurov wrote a poem in which he asked the question, is it true Prigogine and his wife Valeria live in poverty.

Later she was supported by her husband. She even called artists who are starving.

Wrote musician Yuri Loza assessed the Prigogine statement that because of the restrictions caused by the spread of coronavirus, the artists were in dire financial Straits. According to him, unlike ordinary Russians, stage workers have savings.