A businessman from Tver Vladislav Fomenko recently revealed to the public the details of his romance with Anastasia Volochkova. He claims that he met artist in 2014, the New Riga, their relationship lasted for five months, and ex-prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre even was pregnant by businessman, but the fate of this child is still not known.

Fomenko says that the reason for her breakup with dancer became her adultery: man caught her in the bath with the driver. According to Vladislav, at the time Anastasia was in her fifth month and she’s already noticeably rounded stomach.

After the break Fomenko no longer able to contact the artist (she put his name in the black list) and find out the fate of their heir failed.

“Anastasia, what happened to our child? If he was born and is growing, then what happened to him? It brings up your mother or did you give it to strangers?” asked Fomenko to Volochkova in an open letter, according to “KP”.

Ballerina all the claims of the businessman denies, saying, I have never met him. Vladislav only participated in the construction of her house one day and asked to take pictures with, and now it is trying to make a PR on her behalf. Fomenko also claims that because of an affair with the star broke up his family, and threatened to publish private photos and videos with Anastasia. He wants to warn other men from Dating her.