Button 47.000 danes has been tested for coronaviruses, and the number of confirmed infected is currently 4647.

Now is 4647 people in denmark infected with the coronavirus, according to figures from Statens Serum Institut, according to the foundation’s website Monday morning.

Thus increasing the number of confirmed infected with 278 persons on a day.

the Figure must be taken with reservations, since it is not all with the symptoms of coronavirus, which are being tested.

the Number of danes who have been tested has reached 46.916 persons.

Figures for the number of inpatients and coronarelaterede deaths are not reported for Monday.

on Sunday there were registered 179 coronarelaterede deaths. It is the people who have died, within 30 days after they have been detected coronavirus in the blood.

in Addition, was 504 persons admitted to hospitals over the country, which was 144 at the intensive care unit.

The last four days there has been a slight decrease in the number of inpatients.

Denmark had the first confirmed smittetilfælde 27. February. It was an employee of TV2 News, who had been infected during a holiday in northern Italy.

Since then, the number of infected people increased day by day.

the Authorities have along the way changed its strategy in relation to the test.

In the beginning tested all with the symptoms. It was especially people who had contracted the infection during travel to just north of Italy and Austria.

But the 11. march changed the health strategy, so it was only those with severe symptoms, who were tested.

the world health Organization (WHO) has advocated that one should test as much as possible.

It has led to criticism of the Danish test strategy, and last week was the criteria for who can be tested, changed.

Now, even people with mild symptoms of corona virus being tested. For example, if they have relations to persons in the risk group or have difficulty to isolate themselves from others.

The first goal of 5000 daily test was reached in the regions testklinikker on Thursday last week.

the Board has set the ambition to reach 10,000 daily testing this week and 15,000 test in the week after easter.