Brett Crozier, who was fired in the wake of a critical letter about the corona, is reportedly even tested positive.

An american name, who was fired after having expressed concern over the spread of virus among its crew, is even tested positive for the coronavirus.

Captain Brett Croziers test result is published on Sunday by The New York Times, writes news agency AFP.

It happens a few hours after the US secretary of defense Mark Esper, defended the sacking of the captain.

Esper told the ABC that the acting secretary of the navy Thomas Modly has “taken a difficult decision” to deprive Brett Crozier responsibility for the virusramte aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt”.

On a question about president Donald Trump wanted Crozier fired, said Mark Esper:

– This was the minister’s decision. He came and briefed me. It was up to the minister. I said that I would support the resolution.

the Sacking of Brett Crozier has been widely condemned. Many observers believe that it is an unfair punishment to give a respected captain, who is just trying to ensure his crew’s health.

The u.s. department of defense, the Pentagon, sacked Brett Crozier on the night of Friday Danish time.

the Decision was based on the grounds that he had fejlhåndteret communication about how an outbreak of corona virus spread among the warship’s nearly 5000 crew members.

Crozier has shown extremely poor judgment in the midst of a crisis, said the USA’s acting secretary of the navy, Thomas Modly, according to the news agency Reuters.

the Sacking came in the wake of a four-page emotional letter that Crozier had sent to several people. Therein, he described the threat, as virusudbruddet on the table represents the many thousands of seamen.

– We are not at war. The mariners don’t need to die, he wrote, according to the AFP in the letter, which was leaked to the press.

the aircraft Carrier, which is part of the UNITED states’ navy in the Pacific, registered the first case of coronasmitte in the previous week.

A few days later, it was a handful of crew members were evacuated from the ship to a hospital on the island of Guam in the western part of the Pacific ocean.