Apart from the more time for family, roommates and Pets you can use the hours at home alone to make sense: Online, numerous training courses are offered, which bring a something for the future. To Fernunis, you can study even on the Internet.

Perhaps the time is now to deepen a Hobby? From acting lessons to Online animal communication courses can be assigned to the various training courses. So the many hours at home makes more sense than to just sit in front of the TV.

More Road safety

Online refresh experienced road users on their Knowledge on the topic of traffic safety. For people who are professional in the field of road traffic, as well as for seniors, there are the courses from the comfort of home participating.

sign language

learn Online you can learn about the learning-App for Swiss German sign language (DSGS) the understanding by the characters. The more people speak this language, the better hearing are integrated loosely. A learning project is of great importance.

courses around the animal

Who would like to better understand how his pet is feeling, you can attend online courses on animal communication. Also many more seminars around the theme of animal offered on the Internet, so First aid courses for the dog to be found there, for example.

free courses to digital content

tips on the subject of privacy, Smartphone photos, or, for example, information on the functions and buttons of iPhone or Android Smartphones will be offered free of charge by Swisscom. The courses are suitable for seniors, as well as for interested younger people.

learn languages

to learn about the Online Academy, the Migros club school, as well as various Apps for the Smartphone can be alone a new language. The training not only the brain, but helps in communicating with people from other countries. In addition, it is in resume is advantageous if you are fluent in foreign languages.

distance learning

begin A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can also be achieved by distance learning. This Form of study requires a lot of discipline, but it also offers some advantages, since you can form home or further professional training. There are a variety of distance teaching universities to online point to a variety of subjects.

10 tips to make it at home, boring

stay, more and more people by the Coronavirus propagated in the own apartment. The everyday can become quickly monotonous. With these 10 tips for Computer and Smartphone of the time is used effectively and entertaining.

Online acting training

His acting skills, you can train from home: There are on the Internet acting classes, to improve his stage presence and less of lamp is to develop a fever. Thus, one can deepen his Hobby, and learn something that may be of use for lectures and presentations helpful.

cooking classes on the Internet

cook A basic cooking course and many more Videos and Tutorials on the topic, and bake, you can easily find on the Internet. The own recipe Repertoire may be complemented by simple or elaborate dishes. This combines the increased time in the apartment is Practical with Necessary food must eventually everyone.

rhetoric improve

online courses offered, the participants can improve their rhetoric and learn how to be convincing in a reasoning scores, which live both in the private as well as professionally, is beneficial. Also on the body language and a confident voice must be taken.

Carmen and Dave bring you in the Form of

Now the momentum is in the place – thanks to Carmen Hänggi (24) and Dave Dollé (51). The two Fitness professionals will show you how to win at home in the fight against the Kilos.

Marketing Basic courses or business administration

If you are interested in the topic of Marketing, you can log in to a Basic online course and learn more about it. Also in the area of business administration or project management can form in verse,

in various courses, to name just a few possibilities.

art courses on the Internet

Among other things, for watercolours, drawings, oil Paints, Landscape paintings or manga, to be offered online art courses are suitable for beginners or Advanced. The creative Work in a relaxed and Learning new techniques, works of art are created by the way.

Creative ideas for the home

people of all ages to just stay as far as possible in their own four walls. Who would like to take the time at home useful and learn something New, find Inspiration for art projects. So the creativity is given room and the hours just fly by.