Harsh may.

the cold snap has brought in the Scandinavian countries may snow. Most went to Norway. There was a real snow storm.

Eyewitnesses share photos and videos of the REDRUM to the North of the country. Grew up here practically “January” drifts.

Does, polirani of Weather | Nature | Liguria (@meteo_limet) 13 Tra 2020 R. 5:05 PDT

to the South there was less snow, but passed a hailstorm.

Does, polirani Frode Thoren (@frodet) 13 Tra 2020 R. 6:03 PDT

“When will it be spring? Maybe in June?” — write the users of social networks below the video of the raging elements.

Does, polirani Per-Magnar Halvorsen (@forsiktigper) 12 Tra 2020 R. 2:59 PM PDT

Does, polirani Renata! (@renavida) 13 Tra 2020 R. 6:01 PDT

Does, polirani Frank Melby (@melbyfrank) 13 Tra 2020 R. 6:02 PDT

Does, polirani Aurora Kristiansen (@rorashot) 13 Tra 2020 R. 2:00 PDT

Anna Lysenko

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