we All came out of the closet and now there back. This, of course, a metaphor. Rack – image of a closed space where it is impossible to lock up the fantasy character art of the era of stagnation, surprising zabolevaniya today. Metaphor to the dual life – in the real world and the fantasy (in modern terms – virtual). This theme and its analysis will be a key on the ground podkarantinnoy offline project “Nevsegda. 1968-1985” the Tretyakov gallery, which opens on the Crimean shaft, as organizers hope, July 10.

large-Scale exhibition and research about the era of stagnation was set to open April 10. The draft was prepared several years. This is the second part of the art-historical trilogy – the thaw, the stagnation, perestroika, the first Chapter of which was revealed in 2017. Because of the quarantine, the exhibition was postponed when she was ready for installation. Winter seemed to expect a large project-reflection around Brezhnev’s time, when there seems to be a lot of that has been possible, but more impossible, you will hear a kind of refrain with the political situation in the country. But now, after several months of isolation, the context has changed and the project became even more relevant to the present day.

the exhibition will feature more than 500 works of painting, sculpture and graphics from Russian and foreign collections, as well as fragments of films, documentation of performances and archival materials. The era will present through the prism of different cultural phenomena – from women’s fashion to cartoons. The exhibition will be divided into eight thematic sections, and each of them is a kind of wardrobe. Closed on a world with a built-in a distorting mirror of art, where you can fly in the big endless world.

Important problems we are facing today, it did then. This is the problem of a double life. Then people felt great peace and at the same time was in a confined space, – says one of the curators of the exhibition Cyril Fireflies. While associated with political freedom. But when we started digging, it turned out to be a bifurcated sense of being was characteristic of the people of the Western world, and representatives of any advanced technocracy that time, what was the Soviet Union. Since the 1970s, people stood in front of the TV, and the reality that they ate came to them through the screens. The split subject that existed in reality and in virtuality, is our narrow-minded predecessor. So this exhibition is about us.

as a method curators (except for Cyril, who caught the Brezhnev era, these young art historians and Anastasia Yulia Vorotyntseva Kurlyandtsev for which 1960-80-e – story) has chosen a psychological analysis. The era of stagnation will be to dissect under the microscope – and you will get that��and all facets of life. And films by Tarkovsky and the music of Schnittke, and cartoons by Yuri Norstein, and, of course, great art Plast “severe style”, Sots art, Moscow conceptualism etc. The exhibition will show well-known album “In-the-closet-sitting-Primakov” (early 70s) Ilya Kabakov, the hero who first hid in the closet, and then began a fantastic journey through all the worlds. This is not the only such image in the exhibition is the wardrobe as a symbol of the dual nature of the era is found in the works of many artists of the time. “The feeling of being in a confined space excites the imagination and people have devised ways of escaping reality or creating their reality than we do,” adds Cyril Fireflies.

Despite the fact that prior to the exhibition opening is still far away, now it will start a discussion discussions online will start on may 14. Its doors, the Tretyakov gallery is planning to open to the public in early July, and large-scale project “Nenasala” – 10 numbers. Maybe he will become a historic milestone of leaving the world (especially the Museum) out of stagnation, especially because the name is very symbolic. And yet the Museum’s life will not return immediately to normal: visitors will have to keep your distance, Rangers and other employees will wear masks and gloves, the number of banks will be reduced, the remaining will be equipped with special protective screens. Tickets recommend buying online. The Museum staff will prepare for a new podkarantinnoy life, now a staff psychologist STG provides them with weekly classes. “To request for security personnel or caretakers to observe social distance was perceived adequately, was quite convincing and very correct and polite, we are planning a series of workshops with the participation of psychologists”, – said the Director of the state Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

out of the closet is not easy. The virus will not disappear suddenly. The experience of house arrest will not pass without a trace. The same was the gradual exit of the “iron curtain” and the dual life of the Soviet era. But it is obvious that art is, as always, will be the psychologist who will help you to understand the new reality and in its own new “I”. And the project “Nenasala” who suddenly hit the nerve of time, will certainly become an important place for such reflection.