June 1, 1933 is considered the birthday of the Northern fleet. Is the youngest Association Navy fleet. In its composition the atomic submarines, missile-carrying and antisubmarine aviation, rocket, aircraft carriers and anti-submarine warships, numerous support vessels. Already three years a priority direction of activity of the Northern fleet — the protection of state interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

Originally, in 1933, the division of the Navy was called the Northern flotilla. And on 11 may 1937, it was renamed the Northern fleet and identified the main base — the city of Severomorsk.

And the reason that begun to actively develop the Northern region, to build bases and airfields. By the time the first records. In 1938 the submarine “D-1” spent four months at sea, breaking more than 11 thousand nautical miles. And “D-3” carried out ice swimming, 30 minutes went under the ice. It was the first time in the history of Navy fleet.

fought the Navy in the great Patriotic war. At the beginning of the war, the Northern fleet had 15 submarines, eight destroyers, seven patrol and other vehicles. The aircraft had 116 combat aircraft. During the war of weapons has tripled.

For heroism during the great Patriotic war, the Northern fleet was awarded the order of red banner. Soldiers killed more than 200 warships and auxiliary vessels, more than 400 vehicles, about 1.3 thousand of enemy planes, had 1548 convoys.

the fleet is based, Russia’s only heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which is now to overhaul and modernization.

“RG” wrote about that on the eve of Navy commissioned and will serve in the Northern fleet submarine missile cruiser of strategic appointment “Prince Vladimir”, which is the lead ship of the improved project 955A “Borey” nuclear submarine of the 4th generation. From submarines of the project 955 is it different hull shape, reduced noise and better handling. The cruiser carries a complex Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Bulava”.

Three of the campaign of the Northern fleet recently recognized by the records of the Armed forces of Russia. This is a complex expedition to the archipelago Land Franz Joseph round the world voyage of the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” and the atomic submarine “Severodvinsk”. The submarine set a record when shooting a cruise missile “Calibre” on ground of the Arkhangelsk region and fulfilled a special task under the ice of the Arctic ocean.

In 2020, the Northern fleet will receive six warships and more than 180 pieces of weapons and military equipment.