Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the statement of the former Advisor to the U.S. ex-President Barack Obama Susan rice about the alleged involvement of Russia to the protests in the United States.

“Some time ago, your party colleagues made a fatal mistake when he decided to blame Russia in everything that they did not like. Hillary Clinton and the Obama team convinced themselves and tried to convince the world that domestic problems in the United States created and promoted by outside power: Russia”, — Zakharov wrote on his page on Facebook.

“You repeat this error today, along with a CNN reporter, using dirty methods of information manipulation, such as fake news with a complete lack of evidence to support your statement. Your CNN interview is a perfect example of the boundless propaganda,” she added.

Previously, the rice, commenting on the unrest in the United States, said that the protests are on the “Russian scenario.”

“That’s right according to the Russian scenario. We can’t let extremist foreign actors to distract from the real problems that we have in the country. They undertake any controversial, sensitive issue … and both parties support, their goal is not just to bewilder the United States, their goal is to divide us,” said Susan rice, the TV channel CNN.

the Protests began in the U.S. due death of African American George Floyd. Earlier in social networks has sold the video of his arrest recorded by an eyewitness on a mobile phone. The footage shows how police officer a few minutes pressed a knee on the neck of the Floyd, until he was lying on the ground, after which he lost consciousness. Later it became known about the death of men.

Subsequently, the police, captured on video, was fired. The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey said about the need to prosecute the officer who put pressure on the neck, Floyd with his knee.