In the coming days, Russia will fall to fifth place in the world in the number of cases of coronavirus: the increase of patients in the country is not getting smaller, whereas in occupying fifth and sixth places of France and Germany, it is rapidly declining. About it write “news”.

Onishchenko has told, when will the flash COVID-19

I wrote “the Rambler”, the morning of may 6, Russia ranked seventh in the world in the number of identified patients with coronavirus. For all the observation time in the country registered a 155 370 cases of coronavirus, 19 865 patients have recovered, 1451 people died. In the past three days, a daily increase of patients in the country amounted to more than ten thousand people.

In sixth place in the number of cases of coronavirus is Germany (167 007 cases), the fifth – France (170 688).

“While we will see only the growing number of patients, and who knows what it will be: linear (gradual) or exponential (peak),” said associate Professor of pediatric infectious diseases University named after Pirogov Ivan Konovalov.

He stated that on may holidays people massively break the isolation mode, so after one or two weeks there is an outbreak of disease.

“there is No plateau yet not expected, this requires the absence of growth in the next few weeks,” – concluded the expert.