Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Victoria Bonia rarely talks about her personal life. After breaking up with the son of the Irish billionaire Michael Smurfit — 35-year-old Alex Smerfit — she is raising 8-year-old daughter angelina. 40-year-old woman she devoted herself to the child. The last boyfriend, seen next to the model, is a 43-year-old French businessman Pierre Anduran.

Together with the entrepreneur saw her on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival in 2018. After the breakup of the representatives of a strong half of mankind near Bonneuil is not observed. On “lull” in your personal life Victoria complained to the subscribers in the social network, writes KP.RU.

no Husband no boyfriend. No one. Already got the loneliness, — admitted the star.

Bonia now with her daughter living in the Principality of Monaco. There also settled the girl’s father — Alex smerfit. Star went to continental Europe from London, where he would stay for long. In addition, cloudy and rainy English weather doesn’t like angelina.

Mother with the girl rented in Monte Carlo luxury apartment with views of the Mediterranean sea. Besides, Bonia wants the child often talked with Alex. They met in 2010 in Moscow. Alex’s father is the owner of a major enterprise for the production of cardboard packaging. The offspring of a businessman wanted to open a bakery in Russia network.

March 17, 2012 the couple gave birth to Angelina. Immediately after news of the pregnancy, the man took his beloved in Monaco, where his family lives. After the break Bonya together with her daughter moved from Monaco to Los Angeles (USA), and then to London. Young people was never officially registered relations. According to Bonnie, she took up with Irish not for money but for love.

Earlier reported that the son of the Irish billionaire Alex smerfit two years struggled with a serious illness. The doctors could not give him an accurate diagnosis, in this regard, the man had to self-medicate, and to resort to alternative medicine. This was told by his ex-girlfriend Victoria Bonia.